Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Alphabet

Nothing new this week(we are all sick and in bed with a nasty cold), so I will share what I listed on Etsy last week. My new Alphabet print. I had a great time making it and I hope it will help some little ones master the ABCs.


rossichka said...

I'm sure it will help! A wonderful and funny alphabet, Vita! I like that you've found the most suitable creatures for some of the letters!
I wish a quick recovery to all of you! Take care, drink a lot of tea and have sweet dreams, cuddled up in the blankets!:))xx

Kate said...

I love this alphabet! It's so beautiful!

Horacio said...

ABC are great!
I like so much your style!

Get well soon!
Eat and rest a lot...

Jane said...

Sending get well wishes Vita; lovely alphabet.

Melissa (Melgurl) said...

I love O and Q.This is a great alphabet.


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