Monday, January 24, 2011

Movie Monday Cats in the Rain

So it happens that the cat theme continues. I really liked the subtle colors and the effect of an old book that this animation somehow has.


Jane said...

Very charming Vita, I am such a cat person, I can see our cat Billy there asleep on his back!
Happy Monday,
Jane x

rossichka said...

I am "a dog" person, but I liked the movie, too (with the little remark that my eyes got tired from the unceasing movement...). There's a perfect harmony between the woman and her numerous cats. An unusual story, with suspense and some kind of dramatism. I like the cat and the fish in the very end!:)

Horacio said...

Very cute movie!!

Melissa (Melgurl) said...

I love all of these videos,and especially this one.


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