Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I have not really slept a night entirely for 5 years. And more and more feel that a week long nap would be something I would really enjoy. The hardest part is the morning, because somehow the kids are most energetic and enthusiastic to start the new day at 7 am. For me every extra minute in bed is priceless. So today I let them touch the untouchable--my work table. And it was well worth it. I got another 30 minutes of piece and quiet, and the kids produced some nice paintings using the "special" paint, brushes and paper. Oh , the moment of sheer peace! Both of them not arguing, painting, and me--Sleeping.

I need to work some more on the custom portraits that I have NOT started,and that are due pritty soon. Both of them can turn out to be very exciting projects, I just need to overcome the inital block and get going. On the other hand I found a whole bunch of old watercolors that I no longer like, and am busy adding to them, and making them into something I actually enjoy. and that is fun:)


Webradio said...

Hello !

Beautiful draws...

Rima said...

Ooh, lovely hedgehog :)
I am like a floating zombie on the mornings, so I've no idea what I'll be like with bouncy kids at 5am!!


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