Monday, August 25, 2008

One of my favorite places in NYC

If I am consistent enough, I will have a series of these photo sketches...the places that make the hectic life in the city worthwhile for me, the places which I visit and think, that there is a reason why I am here:)

The Icon studio was one of the places I wanted to move to NYC for. Back then I was rather young (22) and very idealistic. I thought that painting Icons could be my way of life. So the first place I stopped in NYC, straight after 6 hours of driving from Maryland was the studio.

This is my favorite teacher Tatyana (from the back, I do not think she would want to pose)

6 years later I no longer want to be an Iconographer, I realize I can not do this full time, Icon writing requires tremendous concentration and discipline that I do not have.
Tatyana makes the best tea. She mixes up Greek herbs, Chinese roses and other secret ingredients and it's the tea that you will not confuse with anything:)

Now I am working on yet another Icon of the Mother of God ( I think this is the 3d one of the kind), and here is the very start of the process. I will take pictures in the mid stages and at the end. We start from the dark colors, Roskrash and add light as we go.

First highlight, then float, second highlight then float, and third highlight. If you think about it, the process is the opposite from the usual drawing, where form is achieved by adding shadow.
and last but not least here is the link to the official website of our school


Rima said...

Wow, how wonderful to see this. I am very interested in Icon painting. What you say about starting with the shadows then adding light is interesting - I think I do a bit of this when I paint and a bit of the opposite too :)

Vita said...

Rima, I knew you would like this topic...
Icon painting is a whole world of it's own, and definitly a very interesting one


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