Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Invite code --chirpchirp
I have mentioned Storybird before, when they were just doing their trials. Now they have officially launched, and I love seeing how the site is coming to life with new and new stories.
There is nothing like the feeling of seeing your Art being used by people, especially children. When I read the stories that people have made up with the help of my paintings I get that warm and fuzzy feeling of accomplishing something important. Those of you who paint, will probably understand what I am talking about.
And those of you who like to write, or who have kids that might like to write stories, I highly recommend to check out Storybird. I think I might encorporate it into my homeschooling writing class with Andrei:)
My favorite story so far there is this one (the invite code for the site is chirpchirp)

I do have some new ACEOs coming out, and some new ones listed yeasterday, so if you have the time and desire check them out in my shop.

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Shelley Noble said...

OH! I must have learned about the wonderful Storybird from you then! Thank you so much. I have been amazed at what they are building there and the philosophy of those involved.


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