Sunday, August 16, 2009

A few thoughts and some new Pendants!

I have been rather quiet this week, as you probably noticed (or at least I hope you have noticed:))) I was away spending some time with my parents in the suburbs of Maryland. The simple fact that you do NOT have to worry where to park the car can be surprisingly pleasant. Also no line at the post office and a smiling clerk who asks"How are you?" makes you feel like being on a different plantet. Our post office here in the city is unimaginable without a line worth of waiting for 30 minutes.

We are back , the city is hot and humid and overcrowded as usual. But I like being home.

I am currently shooting and listing some new pendants. If you would like to be an early bird for Christmas shopping or just need to stock up with some gifts --now is a good time. I will be listing the pendants throughout the day, and (SHHHH) the prices on them will go up somewhere in september-october, so if you want some --get them now:)

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