Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I feel winter coming

The air is getting colder, the wind is getting stronger. It is becoming harder and harder to convince to sit for hours at the playground. The benches are freezing! And I am feeling the wintery feeling coming. The feeling that makes a hot cup of tea extra desirable, and the warm pair of shoes a must. My wintery creatures are coming out of their summer hiding. These and more coming in my Etsy shop.


rossichka said...

Oh, the Christmas spirit is far away for me, because I am still in the capture of Autumn. Especially this week when we are having spring temperatures here, in Bulgaria! But I know, that the artists live "a step ahead" the others in order to be prepared and make their holidays more colourful with their art...:) I like the second drawing very much - so strange, chilly and fragile!

Jane said...

Vita I love these new Christmas pieces. I am SUCH a Christmas girl, I have even started a **days til Christmas on my blog. It's so exciting to share your thoughts at this time of year.
Take care,
Love Jane x

Jess said...

It's really wintery here in the uk at the moment, windy, rainy and getting colder! I lOve these two pictures of yours, lovely!xx

Vita said...

Rossichka--I envy you a bit, our autumn was short at least in my perseption, and I do love the autumn smell of the leaves and all the colors.

Jane--me too! I love Christmas:)

Jessie--thank you, may be my winter bird came from your part of the world bringing the winds with it.

Cheryl said...

These are remarkable.

Vitamina said...

Deliziosi !


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