Monday, November 29, 2010

Movie Monday Winter Days (Yuriy Norshteyn)

They say he is the Shakespeare of animation


Rima said...

He is :)

There's a version with subtitles here:

Your blog and work contiues to delight me Vita, hoping you are all warm this beginning-of-winter x

Vita said...

thank you so much for the link Rima!
I am always very happy to see you here, and I enjoy visiting your virtual house on wheels as well. You are always an inspiration to me!

rossichka said...

I know Norshteyn from your and Rima's blogs. I like this film. The second time I watched it, I discovered new things. I'll watch it again...I like the movements of people and nature, the wisdom, and, oh, the falling leaves - like falling stars!


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