Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Little by little

Little pieces of Art little by little taking over my head , hands and table. While working on a big custom order I find it very helpful to create little pieces , so I do not get bored with the big one and I can let my wintery creatures out.
All listed on Etsy.


Rima Staines said...

I LOVE this top one Vita! :)
I think the prices of these wonderful little originals should be higher!

Vita said...

Thank you Rima! Your opinion is very precious to me.
As for the price...I have been told that before,and I am slowly going up "little by little":) can't make myself raise the price at once:)

jovialjudi said...

Fabulous! Think I may have to buy one! ;-) Judi

Jane said...

Vita these are lovely,I do love your wintery pieces. My comment re the price is that because they are affordable I have bought several to make into cards for special people. If they were much more expensive it would not have been a choice for me......??? Just another thought??
Jane x

rossichka said...

I like your musicians. I missed them... The second drawing has a strong impact! Oh, those eyes! The boy reminds me a little bit of... Снусмумрик!! The bird is safe with him.

Vita said...

Judi--thank you:) It probably is still waiting for you

Jane--I totally see your point. For me as a buyer price is also an issue, and I like to think that my Art is affordable and almost anyone can buy it. So I will keep it this way. But at the same time lower prices devalue the work that is put..so it is a hard balance.

Rossichka--I missed them too...I wonder where they went, while they were away from me?:)

Dear Fireflies said...

Hello there, Vita. (^_^)

These are beautiful art pieces, indeed! You have such a wonderful way with inventing your characters... friendly and curious at the same time.

Horacio said...

I just discover you.
What a fabulous and charming site!
If you let me I will stay.
wonderful illustrations!

Vita said...

Thank you Amalia!:) nice to see you here!
Thank you Horacio! I love you icon:) makes me smile


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