Monday, November 15, 2010

Movie Monday Wind Along the Beach

A new animation from Ivan Maximov. I love all his work, but this one especially!


rossichka said...

Well, the stylistics and the message of this movie are not "my type", but I must confess that I was intrigued from the first second till the last one. I like that the animation is in black and white. That surreal world reminds a lot the world of dreams. Everybody has its place there and words are not necessary in order to live together, understand each other or simply follow their paths. Strange creatures, clear characters... Yes, a very interesting film!:)

Vita said...

Rossichka, I agree it is not "my type" entirely also. But I am intrigued by his work, and some characters are simply darling (like the little girl that was trying to make sand paskas) Thank you for the wonderful comment!

Waverly said...

I love the characters. Just the way people are when no one's looking: yawning so big, playing with hanging fish, and scratching your butt. It was cute and I love the added surrealism - makes life more interesting.


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