Thursday, March 19, 2009

Making your Own Sunshine

I read this phrase on one of my favorite blogs today and loved it! What makes spring real?
Is it spring yet? In my mind it is!
Everything is growing:

I see sunshine, and I see greensI see animals wide awake after their winter sleep:
It is spring all right!


Jessie Lilac said...

It's Spring here in the UK! At least it is this week (Next week might be another matter!)and I've been actually in the garden planting which I haven't done in such a long time! Your house looks so cheerful and bright in the pictures.x

kathy hare said...

I love spring!!!! a beautiful post..

rossichka said...

In Bulgaria the astronomic Spring came today, although it's pretty cold, and the temperatures are very low. But everywhere you can see snowdrops, violets, crocuses... and the trees are preparing slowly to blossom...
Your little sunshine has grown up... I notice some WONDERFUL cats and horses on the wall. Did she draw them?


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