Saturday, March 28, 2009

A story of a 22 year old doll

The doll in this picture is about 22 years old. I might be off a year or so, but it is still very close.
Where we lived owning a German made doll was the biggest happiness for a girl. They had soft stuffed bellies, their eyes had real eyelashes and they had faces that looked almost real. This is all compared to our native made Ukrainian/Russian dolls. My family could not afford to buy such a doll for me. They were expensive. But how I dreamed of one!
At that time I was about 7 or 8 years old. I was attending drawing and sculpting lessons for several years, and our teacher taught us how to make sculpey figures. Little funny looking creatures, that you would bake in the oven to make them hard and then you could put a lace in them and wear around the neck.
And I had my first business idea. A whole bunch of kids from our street made many many figurine necklaces and went to sell them to the nearby park were there were lots of tourists.
We did it on weekends for several weeks in the summer, and made money. Real money that seemed huge at the time. At the end of the summer I had almost enough for the doll. My parents added the rest--and here she was! A true beauty! With golden hair and beautiful blue eyes. I adored her. Dressed her, washed her, made clothes for her. Brought her to the USA when we moved. One of the few things that travelled across the ocean with me.
Anna , my daughter is her new Mommy. She takes good care of her and tucks her in at night. I am so happy that this doll has such a long and rich life. The first money I made back than made me feel that being an Artist can be a real job. And I still tremendously enjoy using sculpey clay.
Is it a coincidence, or is it my imagination that Anna looks like her?


PrairieCottageRose said...

Aww, how sweet! Both of them are adorable!

INDIGENE said...

What a lovely post and Anna, does indeed look like her!

missknits said...

that is so sweet! and wow that doll looks great for 22 years old! or i just played too rough with mine! lol and anna really does resemble the doll! how funny is that! she was meant to have her!

Mekeel McBride said...

They are the cutest! I loved the doll story. And yes, they do kind of look alike!

Jessie Lilac said...

Those blue eyes are amazing!x

sirena21 said...

Your story abt the doll reminds me of my mom ....she always told me abt this one doll that she dreamed of and her family couldn't afford to buy it for her... she never did get it until she was too old to really enjoy it.That story for some reason always makes me cry ...glad u got urs!.


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