Monday, March 16, 2009

something fishy is in the air

or may be it is just me craving some fish?
It is the Great Lent after all, and I will not have any until April 19, Easter. Which also happens to be my Birth day:) That happens once in a while ever now and then.

So until my B-D no fish, no meat, no animal products as food. Only drawing:)


rossichka said...

Oh, dear Vita, I adore all your fish!... You remember that I chose a picture with them, don't you? You have a whole month until Easter to long for their taste.:-) So, please, do continue to draw them, because you can see things we can't see, you can feel their souls and inner life. Yes, it's a happy coincidence that this year your Birthday is at Easter! I think it's a good sign! My son is also a lucky one - his Birthday is on April 21st.

Jessie Lilac said...

I hope lots of drawing! These fish are lovely, so sweet.x


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