Sunday, January 11, 2009

Movie Monday 15

My Neighbor Totoro, one of my all time favorite movies. Great to watch with kids of almost any age. It is very peaceful and meditative, with a great take on imaginary friends.

This scene where Totoro makes the seeds grow into a huge tree is one of the best in the movie.


Jo Fong said...

ooh one of my favourites as well! My best bit is when they are waiting for the catbus and totoro jumps to make the rain splash on his leaf umbrella *chuckles*

Been following your blog for a while, love your carefree images :D

The Empty Envelope said...

Very cute:). I will have to add that to my netflix:).

Arkadi said...

It is probably one of Miyazaki's best films. Here are the details: My Neighbor Totoro

Vita said...

Thanks Arkadi for the link!


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