Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snow Angels and Chasing Swans

Another fun day of homeschooling!
I am enjoying it for sure:) Reading, Math and Sculpting were on our schedule from 8:30 till 10:00 am. We made a bunch of foxes as you can see below.

We did all the work in the morning and then met up with another family in the park. It was cold, and sunny, and beautiful. But oh boy, was it cold! The kids had lots of fun, played snowballs, made snow angles and rolled down the hill.
And then all of a sudden a swan fell from the tree! Seriously, it was totally unexpected and quite funny. I wish I had seen him in the tree, since I had no idea swans do that kind of thing. The poor thing was included in the game, and had to retrieve as quickly as it could.
and finally we found a snow sculpture by some unknown artist. The eyes of this snowman were made out of pine cones, and up close he looked super cool.


The Empty Envelope said...

Aw poor swan! The kids look like they had fun though!

Arkadi said...

Wow! You're having too much fun :)


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