Monday, January 12, 2009

Same, different...on hats and people

You all probably have already noticed that I have a "thing" for hats.
It turns out it runs in the family. My brother likes strange hats too...As he was visiting with us this weekend before going back to college in Upstate NY, he had his hat with him. And all of us(except for my husband who was working) had to try it out.
And this gave me an idea. A collage of images with a brother/sister theme, and the same hat.
We all look so different in it, it adds to the personality of each and everyone and seemingly changes with the person. I definitely like hats..

The first row is me and my brother ( we are 9 years apart)
and the lower row are my little ones (2.5 years apart)


Julia said...

whoever took the pictures - did a great job. collage looks FANTASTIC!

NewLifeDesigns said...

And, such a beautiful family! would look good in anything, you are blessed. Pam

The Empty Envelope said...

What a wonderful idea:). Lovely photos. Clothing is strange that way, how it looks so different on each individual.

Jessie Lilac said...

Hi Victoria, I'm new to your blog and so happy to have found it! Your artwork is gorgeous, I shall be back :)
The hat looks so different in each picture, yet all so lovely. What a good looking family you have!x

annette emms said...

What super pictures! Great idea and the hats looks grood on everyone.Brilliant.x

Arkadi said...

Everybody looks so cool! It's a pity I missed it ;)

Christina Silverio said...

This is wonderful! I so lovely; it's amazing how different it looks on each of you. :)
I love hats, too!

rossichka said...

A very sweet idea! The Many-sided Life of a Hat... The Hat with Different Faces.... You look all nice with it. Your children are very beautiful! I envy you, because I don't wear hats AT ALL. It's strange, but they do not SUIT ME!:((

Vita said...

thank you all for such wonderful comments! I am glad my silly idea was interesting enough to share!


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