Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New work, new year

house for animals
A brief summary of what am I doing now:

Finishing some works that have been hanging around for some time on my work table...This little house has been waiting for me for almost a month. I am glad I finished it, and listed on Etsy.

Started homeschooling my older boy--so far we love it! Such freedom to live the way we want to live, go to places we want to go, no need to rush, no need to run. I am loving it !

Looking at various homeschooling resources, stocking up with books, reading blogs--it's a whole universe to master.

Starting to teach my younger (2.7) to draw, write and some letters . She is eager to learn, and I will not deprive her of the opportunity. On the contrary!

Planning a spring trip to Poland an Ukraine! YAY! I can't wait...It has been 14 years since I left Ukraine, and ever since I was dreaming of going back. Need to buy tickets, plan the trip and make sure my husband does not get a heart attack while I am at it. He is slightly hesitant about the whole thing, but never the less very supportive. (KISS)


studio lolo said...

This is as magical as the rest of your work. I love it! As a matter of fact I ran right over to Etsy to buy it but I ended up buying The Magic Flute instead. (I can't buy 2.)It was a tough choice :( Hopefully the money will help with your trip!

messyfish said...

Thats beautiful as always! Well done on home schooling. Sounds like a wonderful adventure!

Vita said...

Thank you ladies:)

and a special thank you studio lolo,
I will have it packed and ready to go today. The flute is a personal favorite of mine, and I am glad it is going to such a wonderful home!

Softpencil said...

I love this illustration!
Enjoy your trip to Polland, I would love to visit those places in the world!!!
My family is from Macedonia and I was born in Argentina ;)

CATI said...

very sweet animals and charming home and colours!
I like your blog very much!

Fadas & C.ยช said...

So cute! Great illustration! LOVE it!

Rima said...

Hello and S'novim Godom to you and yours Vita :) Has been ages since I came by here because we've been travelling but we've finally got the internet in the truck and I come back to see I have missed my favourite Yuri Norstein!!
What wonderful paintings you have made and beautiful words about your 5 year old boy :) Happy birthday to him!
Great to hear about the homeschooling .. wonder if you've read "Deschooling our lives"?
And great news about your trip too!! If you fancy a stop over in the UK... do come and have tea with us in our wagon :) :)
Lots of love to you
Rima x


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