Thursday, November 13, 2008

I've been Tagged!

Thank you justine and Cat Mallard for remembering me!

the rules are tell 7 little known things about yourself then tag 7 others (be sure and link everyone!)

Now off to a rather difficult task to think of 7 things about me that might be interesting enough :)(brain wheels turning and squeaking in faint attempts to produce some quality content)

1. I used to pick and plant acorns in our family garden. My parents were very surprised and rather unhappy when all those trees started to sprout in most unappropriated places. Below I am caught in the act (2 years old)

2. I met my husband on the Internet, while writing a paper in college during my senior year. I was very tired and frustrated and decided to do something different to relax the brain:) This is the first picture of me, he saw:)))) I did loose lots of weight since than:))) And yes, I painted those huge oil pieces that you see in the background. My style has changed as well . A lot.:)

3. My son is named after Andrei Rublev.

4. I burn everything I cook. I have a very special relationship with Fire, and even though we love each other dearly, it does make cooking rather difficult.

5. I am a Godmother to a 28 year old young man who lives in Austria, and a 7 year old girl that lives in Brooklyn.

6. I wanted to be a tiger tamer when I was little, as well as a veterinarian, teacher and artist.

7. I always make the same cake for New Years. It does not envolve baking and I learned to make it when I was 14. Everyone loves it:) The picture shows me making it back in Ukraine, I am 16, my best friend who lives in Poland took it. I am wearing a T shirt that was donated to our local church by american missionaries--and I thought I looked really cool in it LOL

And I am tagging






Distressing Delilah




ChezChani said...

Can we have the recipe for the NoBakeCake?

Vita said...

you need some dried plain waffles ( I am not sure what they would be called in real life, since I always buy them in a russian store)
then you need some cans of condenced sweet milk (boil those right in the can for 2 hours)
and a pack of butter.
mix the butter with the condenced milk until it's a even mix.
grind some nuts.
put the mix on the waffles and sprinkle with nuts layer by layer.
I have never written recepies so I am not sure this is how it's supposed to look:)

Rima said...

Woh! a great peep into your life :)
Thanks for passing me the baton! .. I am tempted :)

Natalya said...

the recipe sounds familiar.. and thanks for tagging me!

Tessa said...

That's the cutest little acorn-planting person I've ever seen! Wow, and I got tagged too. I'll go and pull on my thinking cap....

Arkadi said...

love your 7 things... :)

Marina said...

Actually, you are Godmother to a still-27 y.o. young man who lives in Austria,)


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