Monday, November 3, 2008

Movie Monday 4

Another great creation by Ivan Maximov.
Rainy day, a girl dreaming, a boy with a grey flower , SOME GREAT MUSIC!!


Arkadi said...


Vita said...

yep, I loved her hair and the fingers in the beginning, when she is looking out the window

justine said...

tag, you're it!

Rima said...

I agree .. fabulous music! Just up my street :)
And a great animation - really imaginative... I am learning slowly with my primitive animation efforts the imaginative quality of the medium.. you can make anything happen. I don't think I'll ever reach the brilliance of Russian animators tho.. why are you lot so good at it?! :)

Vita said...

Rima-LOL:) I would not know, since I am very very far from that lot:)
and Russian animators are the ones I am showing off , since I can do the best searches in Russian.
I am waiting anxiously to see your go at animating! it should be magical, just like anything you touch:)

rossichka said...

A wonderful animation! I like very much the heroes - so untraditional looking! I want to watch it over and over in order to see each one of them better! Yes, the music has a special place!It's also "acting". Thanks for giving us the opportunity to watch such films!

Vita said...

Rossichka--you are more than welcome!
I am very pleased that you come by and read and comment on my blog:) your comments are always a pleasure to read!


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