Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My new batch of Art Pendants has arrived!

I am very excited, since the old ones sold out RIGHT BEFORE the Holiday Season. I was not sure if I could get the new ones in time. But they are here:) And they are beautiful! I can say that without being bashful, since I do not make the actual pendant:) I am thrilled that the shoestringgallery does such a beautiful job for me!
Lots of different ones, and all of them are ready to find their new homes.
I personally will keep one of these for myself,
I already have one I like to wear, and I got a special multi-layer necklace for it. Here you can see it, the head had to be cut off though, since the facial expression would ruin the shot :) I am not very photogenic

We are on our Thanksgiving trip in Maryland. All of us, including the cat, who turned out to be a great travel companion.
My brother is coming back from college for his first "come back" Thanksgiving, and I am very excited to see him. So I am off to pack, drop things of at the post office and register our new car. We will be driving our brand new Scion XB, which is a rather funky looking car, or should I say unusual looking? But it goes well with my new hat, so I like it;)
Have a lovely weekend all of you! And I will be back with a more informative post next week!


melanielee said...

Oh they are so beautiful, a story in a pendant, so to speak, your so clever, i love it.
Cheers Melanie

Vita said...

thank you melanielee-it's very nice of you to say!
Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving!
and a special thank you for chatting with me hear, I hate talking to myself:)))

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Gorgeous pendants! Love your artwork.

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Hope your Thaksgiving is wonderful..
xoxo nita

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

p.s beautiful pendants...

Vita said...

Thank you Nita! Thank you Jennifer!
hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving too!


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