Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Making bits and pieces dance together

When I feel especially down, and unable to paint or draw I turn to my all time magic resource--sculpting. Well, sculpting is actually too big of a word to describe what I do, it's more like doodling with clay.
Somehow polymer clay is the medium that lets me doodle without too much thinking, and allows me to create characters that I like and that instantly boosts the creative potential, and I can paint again:) That's my cycle of boosting the creativity.
Also about a year ago I have discovered collages. Not that I did not know about them before, but that language of visual expression was foreign to me.
Step by step.
First I rediscovered Sergei Parajanov a master of cynomatography who also created amazing symphonies of color.

Parajanov collageParajanov collage And then there is always flickr. Flickr--full of wonderful pieces of Art that make me spend minutes and hours just browsing and admiring what can be done.

I absolutely adore the work of Sarah Lechner, the weaver of textile collage magic
Sarah Lechner image

And another Artist who never seizes to amaze me by her ability to use regular images cut out of magazines to create a surreal and Salvador Dali like world--Olga Golanov
So, what do I do with all this inspiration that I get?

Well, my collages are far far far from any of the above. They are still clumzy and very simple, but the truth is--I enjoy making them more than anything else. I savor making these, and leave this to the days when I do not feel like doing "serious" work:)


Tessa said...

Vita! Those are fantastic - adorable. And thank you so much for sharing your discoveries.

Anonymous said...

Saw your tweet.

This is just what I needed to see and read today. I to get down and out wondering when the creativity will return and have realized to that it is as easy as trying out a new medium or reworking an older unfinished piece that I pull from storage.

I really like Olga Golanov's work. Thanks for introducing me to her. And your little elephant with yellow bird is adorable!


Vita said...

Thank you Tessa!
Thank you Jessica!
It really means a lot to me, that someone is reading and finding something interesting in my posts. I enjoy reading every single one of the comments I recieve!

Arkadi said...

very cute!

Anna Nadler said...

Oh wow, these are sooo beautiful, I love your birds and the collage/color combinations! You're really talented!


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