Sunday, December 14, 2008

Give Away winner (s)!

Winter hats pendant
Luck is a whimsical character, today as we did the number drawing from the hat, I asked my son to pick out a piece of paper with the number, but then my daughter came along and of course she ALSO wanted to pull out a piece of paper. So--we have 2 winners!!!!!!

First one was the comment # 4(Christina Silverio), and second was the comment #8(Rossichka) . Congratulations ladies! Please visit my shop and take a look. You can pick any one print or pendant that you like.

Thank you for participating! And I need your mailing addresses . Please drop me a note at


rossichka said...

Oh, it's a miracle!I couldn't believe my eyes, when I read my name! Your piece of art, Vita, will be an exquisite Christmas present for me... Thanks and kisses for your little daughter who brought me the luck! Words fail me to describe how HAPPY I'm feeling!!!!

Vita said...

Now I just need some more details from you. WHAT do you want?(I feel like Santa):)))

Danielle Barlow said...

Congratulations Rossichka and Christina! Sorry I missed the giveaway, you ARE lucky! And how kind of you Vita, to give away two of your gorgeous pendants :)

Christina Silverio said...

Oh, thank you Vita!!! I'm so excited! :)
This is so sweet of you!


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