Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Who Put the Socks into my Printer Box?!

image comparisonI have gotten myself a new printer!

My older Cannon was doing a pretty good job printing, but the scanner there was dying a slow and painful death. Or should I say it was killing my scans? Slowly and painfully. They gradually became more and more grey, less and less contrasting...And finally I decided I needed to replace it.
It turned out that buying a separate scanner is almost as expensive as buying an all-in-one. So I chose the later. It is a Epson Artisan 800.
And it is still on sale on Amazon for something like $229. I used to own an Epson about two years ago, but my incompetence brought its life to a premature end. And I have been reminiscing about it's scans ever since.forest
Just to show the scans done on my Cannon and on my new Epson I will show you a couple of images.As you can guess the one on the left is the Epson one.
What does all this have to do with the socks in the box?
Well, the box that the printer came in proved itself to be an extremely valuable and useful thing.
First it was a boat, then it was a space ship, then it was a house, and later it was a Bear's den. How many thing can do that? I can assure you, that not too many. At the end of the day I find food, toys, my cooking devices and all kinds of random objects in that box. I think I will keep it for another day or so, and then send it for reincarnation in recycling.
I love that my kids can play these games. I love seeing that their imagination is well and alive and keeping them busy. Competing with computer games is no easy task, but so far so good--I like that they can now the joy of these simple games.


The Empty Envelope said...

How cute! My kids actually asked me for a big empty box for Christmas, lol.It felt good:).

Rrramone said...

love the noses on those critters! :-)

Arkadi said...

i like this piece :)


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