Saturday, December 27, 2008

I have Enjoyed...

Some of the things that I have enjoyed in the past week of "pre" and "post" holiday flurry of things

We had a beautiful snow (for 2 days, ha ha)My son made me smile over and over again when he blew the candles out 5 times, because he is 5 and only seems fair that that should be done. I wonder what he will say when he is 37?

I got some AMAING gifts from Santa this year. Almost all of them handmade:)

Can you spy a cup by Stepanka and a cup by JDWolfePottery in this photo?:)The earings by Jorgensen Studio that Santa chose have already gotten me a million compliments, and I am simply in love with them
I also got a great set of blank watercolor postcards that I wil be sure to fill out with some images that are about to be born in my head.And then I got to see a fog. And it was a very nice quiet sort of fog,that makes you want to go out and wonder around the city dreaming of tree spirits.

What are you enjoying most during this season?


annette emms said...

Hi Vita, I love the gifts that Santa gave you!
This time of year I'm enjoying staying close to home with my family, long walks in the frosty air, my new book of Mary Oliver's poetry. Best of all, a few days to just 'be', before it all starts again!x

Vita said...

"just be" is the most wonderful state one can be in.
I have to agree that letting it "be" is not easy sometimes, but absolutely essential for one's inner well being


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