Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our first Tree or Holiday Smells

We got our first real Christmas Tree yesterday. It's our 7-th Christmas--New Year together as a family. All the years before we used a small artificial tree that we got from a flower shop in Midtown. I love that tree..I looks very real, and it grows out of a real tree stump. And I was against cutting real trees for the pleasure of having them in your home for a couple of weeks. Blah, blah, blah...Here we are. Why? Partially because I wanted my kids to know what a house smells like when you put a tree up (I remember waking up to that smell as a child), secondly I wanted to put our presents actually UNDER the tree, rather than on the table, and third I could not put another "no we don't do that" thing on my son this year. Halloween was the big "we don't do that" for this year. So one thing at a time.

It was great. We all went out around 8 pm last night, to the corner grocery that sells trees now. Picked out a fluffy green beauty, and then carried it home. Everyone smiled when they saw us on the street, and I felt particularly proud of my family, marching all together in the cold wind. Bundled up in scarfs and woolen hats. I like seeing my family dressed warmly:) I have no idea why.

And then we decorated it, with random things that we found around the house. I did not have any toys in store, but we had a few thing here and there that fit the purpose. And an Ikea straw toy collection came in very handy.
The cat thought that the whole thing was done to please him, and to make up a new game for him. I did not want to disappoint him, but when he tried to climb the tree, it had to stop.
So now we have a real, green, wonderfully smelling Christmas tree! YAY!
How about you? Are you getting ready? What smells do you find most holiday like?


risa said...

My kids (now grown) remember fondly the years we had real fact, they are a little annoyed it's been an artificial tree the last several years. My son was always the one to pick out the tree...a tree would "call" to him and no matter how many better trees we found we went home with the one he picked! I have my tree up, but still need to decorate!

Michele Maule said...

It looks beautiful!!
We just have a small artificial tree in our house. But, it's just me and boyfriend and our little dog.

When we are married and have children I would like to have a real tree too!

I love your story about walking to the store to get the tree. I can imagine that Christmas time in New York is amazing :)

Homemade Zen said...

Beautiful tree! I had one and it smell so good!

Pamela said...

We always had a real tree when the kids were small. Now that most of them are grown and gone our articial one is easier and more convenient. But not not as fragrant!

Bella Sinclair said...

Wow, that's a beaut of a tree! I read somewhere that, believe it or not, getting a real tree is better for the environment. Manufacturing and disposing of artificial trees wreaks havoc. Unfortunately, we go artificial. Here in Tokyo, though, my goodness, you should SEE the price of trees! $500-800+, and they're not even that big!

Vita said...

you all made me feel so much better ! I don't feel like a tree killer anymore;)
Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts

Mama B said...

For me the holidays smell like gingerbread. Cinnamon and cloves are my favorite scents. And I fill my house with them.

That's a lovely tree. Such cuties below the tree too :D Real isn't an option for us. Our dogs wouldn't leave the tree alone if we had a real one. So we have an artificial filled with ornaments!


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