Monday, December 1, 2008

Movie Monday 8

I'm a little late today, but it is still Monday:) we just got back from our Thanksgiving travels to my parent's house, very tired but happy to be home.
This cartoon is from a series called "Lullabies from around the world" there are a few beautiful animations in this series and I will post the ones I like best. I will start with the Ukrainian one, watch past the the first minute to get a full feel of it. The first character that appears is not the best , but the music is beautiful throughout the whole cartoon.


rossichka said...

Just wonderful! Thank you, Vita, for sharing it! It's so theatrical. In my work as a puppet-theatre director, I've always preferred the lyrics and poetry ... I like so much the Winter's character... Such a nice idea!

The Empty Envelope said...

Lovely! My mother's family was from Poland, though her father's side was nomadic. I am drawn to most things Ukrainian, Russian, Polish. This is so beautiful. Thank you.

annette emms said...

Vita, what a wonderful time I've had on my first visit to your blog!
You've made me smile with your humour (I love that you say ' your hat goes with your car') and daydream in the magical place you have created.

Vita said...

Thanks you for such wonderful comments!
I am thrilled that you like this one.

I never thought of myself as an animation specialist, but I love cartoons so much:)

Rima said...

Beautiful this is Vita.. Lovely music and feel to the whole animation :) You have impeccable taste!


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