Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Visual Treat

New Year is the holiday of my childhood, that was most loved at the time. We did not celebrate Christmas in the Soviet Union, and New Year took it's place for several generations of people who were born and grew up during those years.
New Year was the time of new hopes, presents, most delitious meal of the year was served, you would put up a tree and wait for Father Frost to show up.

I am a child of that age, so New Year is very very special for me. Still.
It is the time when I clean my closets, dig up old sketches, think of new ideas. I listen to lots of music and look at my favorite artists.
I would like to share the work of this wonderful photographer Matushka Medous . You can see all of her works HERE
The first image is dedicated to the animation Tale of Tales, that I have been talking about for the past two weeks:)
And here are some more beauties.


ChichiBoulie said...

what dreamlike photos, I can see why you love them!

NewLifeDesigns said...

The art is truly stunning, and I also love your blog, it is so expressive, charming, and generally just makes me feel good to read it & soak in the pictures. Keep up the good work!


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