Thursday, December 4, 2008

GIVEAWAY--for the best idea

UPDATE: forgot to mention I am part of the December Pickaland project. It is a beautiful blog featuring many many many talanted artsits that I admire, and I am very excited to be part of their package this month.
Little Piece of Summer

I am wracking my brain to figure out a way to get more exposure to my shop. I do get regular sales, no complains here:) and a BIG THANK YOU! to all my buyers especially to the regulars--who keep me going.

BUT, what I am looking for now is to get to a level of 3-5 sales a day. May be more;)

Any of you who have an idea for me (as for changing the products in the shop, advertising, blogging, website etc. ) ANYTHING that might help is invited to participate. Also this thread might be helpful to other struggling souls like myself, who are trying to make a living out of this Art thing.

The best advice will receive either a pendant of a print from my shop. They choose!

What am I doing so far?

Twitter--has proven to be a very efficient and worthwhile tool to market. I try to promote regularly, as well as write random things that are happening, to keep it livelier.

Project Wonderful--running a few ads here and there. Some of them give me hits to Etsy, others dont', but it's still too early to say if it works or not.

Hoping that Delightful Blogs will give some hits to my blog and hence to the store.

Bought a new printer that will allow me to print cards and may be even small calendars.

I started to promote EVERY Treasury I'm in. Supporting the Treasury makers, and fellow strugglers like myself. Also if it gets to the Front Page of Etsy, that would be nice.

Exploring the making of small useful things like magnets. Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on how you look at it) Art has to be not only beautiful but useful for folks to want it.
And last, but not least. Should I keep making these? These are Art dolls, with moving legs:) A laminated print that can be used both as a hanging decoration, or as a magnet, if requested.

Walking Talking Horse


Vita said...

any ideas are welcome!:) don't be shy! I would LOVE to hear from you!!!!

The Empty Envelope said...

I like the horse. I'm still pretty new to all of this. Do you sell any in brick and mortar shops? Or craft shows?

KimberlyRies said...

I am in the same boat as you. Want to drive traffic to my etsy shop and increase sales. I think in my case there is just too much competition because it's jewelry. Your art is more diverse and original. I think people just need to see it and they will buy it. I love your magnets and favorited those the other day when you posted them. Really like your style. I will check back to see what ideas people have, as I think it will help all of us to hear what works and what doesn't!

I think twitter does work as it has opened up my eyes to lots of new artists. The exposure is good. And I pay attention if there is a special just for twitter followers.

Have you tried the "Own the Hour" thing or artfire? Or buying a slot on the etsy front page?

If you have business cards or promo items, I would be happy to include them in orders or give them out at craft fairs for you. Just a thought to help promote each other.

Also, I would be happy to blog about your work at my blog. You never know!

Finally, are you on an etsy street team? These teams are KEY to success in my opinion. I highly recommend them.


Christina Silverio said...

Hmmmm...Well, my best advice is to wear your pendants, which I'm sure you're doing. Also, since you're using a laminator the most visible thing I would suggest doing is to make small promo bookmarks. I had a stamp made up with my website on it and stamped the backs of each bookmark (the front is a pic of my artwork). I put one in each package I send out, hand them out if people compliment the pendant I'm wearing, and have even considered putting them at the counter of smaller mom and pop bookstores. Plus, you can offer bookmarks in your shop if you don't already. Because they are so inexpensive I find that these are my best sellers.
Another idea is to have a car decal or license plate frame with your website on it. I wound up finding another Etsy seller this way!
Have you set up an actual website of your own? You can direct it straight back to your Etsy shop, too. There's an ease of telling people "" instead of trying to struggle through the whole Etsy address, I find. :)
Whew! That was a long one! ;)

Rima said...

Hi Vita.. interesting questions.. my etsy shop certainly took time to build momentum but isn't at 5 a day yet! Indeed it is shut at present! But I certainly think blogging will build sales over time.. I haven't used twitter yet - interesting that folks find it good.
I love your hinged horse :)
And when I took part in pikapackage it drew a few more folks my way :)
I think those people who do really well on etsy are very dedicated time wise to all the web promotion there can be.. and doing it professionally.. I don't have as much time as these people - and I guess nor do you with a family. I marvel at how some do it!

Salzanos said...

I really HEAR you, I am a struggling artist too. Our Esty Street team Ocean is brainstorming our shops. We are trying to get help, "branding" our products, and for me is where to find out all the customer needs, wants etc for today. We know people are buying less, and paying less. But for comfort things they still spend. Etc etc. I owned and operated a retail store few years ago, and am trained in merchandising. But internet is not the same. Keep in touch, we will find out and be successful as long as we do not quit!

Distressing Delilah said...

omg..the art dolls are beautiful! I use technorati and blogspot to promote. Also, I try to always wear a piece of my jewelry..which usually displays a piece of my art!

rossichka said...

Dear Vita,
First of all - I like very much the Horse with the moving legs! I think you should continue to make such Art dolls - they are funny and very suitable for Christmas and Easter decorations.
What about the ideas you need... I don't work in that sphere and I don't know your problems in details. But as a potential customer - here're some articles that I would buy with pleasure... A photo frame to put my child's photo in it. Or even maybe photo frames for different occasions - a new born baby, a marriage, St.Valentine's Day, etc. I liked very much the idea of bookmarks... With your web site address printed, of course. The customers could receive them as a gift... And the bags you put the sold products in should wear your website, too. They could become special if you draw something on them. You could make paper boxes for gifts - with your pictures on it. I know how often I search for something beautiful to put the present I have bought in.
Well, that's all. It's hard for me to express myself in English on that matter, but I hope you'll understand what I mean.
Good luck!

Vita said...

Wow! thank you all for this wonderful input!
I will take note of many suggestions, in particular bookmarks, frames, more magnets (someone suggested more dramatic designs on those)

Rossichka--your English is as good as mine, if not better. So I understand you perfectly:)

I will keep this open for another week or so and then blindly pick the winner, since all of your comments are very good, and I will not be able to choose otherwise

kittynel said...

try writeing to to write an entry about your pendants.
she writes about etsy. maybe it is a good ideea.


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